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Children & Babies

Paediatric Osteopathy forms an integral aspect of the healthcare offered by Cape Town Osteopaths.  Our Osteopaths use a variety of allopathic and osteopathic techniques to accurately diagnose the causation of your child’s condition before embarking upon an appropriate treatment program.  Our osteopaths are trained to ascertain whether your child’s condition falls within the scope of Osteopathic practice and our expert referral network always ensures that your child receives the best healthcare possible.

The highly skilled Osteopaths practising at Cape Town Osteopaths have a wide range of treatment techniques available to them to provide safe, effective and drug-free treatment  for your child.  From newborn to teenage, Cape Town Osteopaths can provide the solution to a wide range of childhood problems.

Some of our younger patients have visited Cape Town Osteopaths for the following:

2 day old infant with difficulty latching to the breast

4 week old infant with colic type abdominal pain

3 year old child with chronic constipation

12 year old with attention deficit disorder

10 year old with persistent headaches

15 year old with sport induced back pain