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Low back pain is perhaps the symptoms most commonly seen by Osteopaths, although of course not restricted only to that.  Osteopathy is a healthcare system that seeks causation rather than just symptoms, providing treatment to restore health and function. It also promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices to reduce pain recurrence. Treatments are hands-on and often use soft tissue massage techniques and joint articulation to mobilise certain areas of the body.

Osteopathy was developed in the 1870′s by a pioneering American Doctor called Andrew Taylor-Still. Dr. Still realized that the human body has a remarkable ability to recover from dysfunction and disease but on occasion requires ‘intervention’ to direct and promote the recovery process. Osteopathy predates both Chiropractic and modern Physiotherapy in its origin.

In Osteopathic practice, great emphasis is placed on getting an accurate diagnosis. With a full case history gained form the patient and a thorough physical examination, the Osteopath will advise appropriate treatment. Understanding the problem completely will empower the patient in their recovery and return to overall wellbeing. With a diagnosis and a good management plan, there usually is a solution to any pain.

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine reported that patients receiving Osteopathic Treatment for low back pain required significantly less medication and less physical therapy than those who didn’t receive Osteopathic Treatment.